Contributors and Credits


We thank the following organizations for permitting reproduction of material in their collections:

Hagley Museum and Library

Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library

The Speaker’s House

The University of Delaware Library Special Collections

Mack Trucks 



Katherine C. Grier is professor and director of the Museum Studies Program and the History Media Center in the Department of History, University of Delaware.  A scholar of America material culture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, she is the author of Culture and Comfort: Parlor Making and Middle-Class Identity 1850-1930 and Pets in America: A History.

Anastasia Day is a PhD Fellow in the Hagley Program for the History of Industrialization at the University of Delaware. Her research interests include gender, consumption, technology, and at the heart of these themes, the environment. For other publications and further information, visit her site:

Jodi Frederiksen received her Master of Arts from the University of Delaware’s Department of History with a concentration in Museum Studies in 2014. Her research interests include early American political and social history, material culture, and museum exhibit design and education.

Ashley Giordano received her Master of Arts in History as well as  Museum Studies Certificate from the University of Delaware in 2014. While attending the University of Delaware she was also a Hagley Fellow and Education Intern at the Marshall Steam Museum. Giordano currently works at The Henry Ford Museum as a presenter on The Ford Rouge Factory Tour.

Gregory Hargreaves is a Hagley Graduate Fellow and PhD student in the University of Delaware’s Department of History. His research focuses on the mutual shaping of environment, technology, and society. For more information, please visit his ePortfolio at

Della Keyser is a master’s student and Hagley Fellow at the University of Delaware. She studies United States history, business history, and the history of the body.

Lisa Minardi is a PhD student in the History of American Civilization program at the University of Delaware, an assistant curator at Winterthur Museum, and president of The Speaker’s House.  A specialist in Pennsylvania German culture, she is the author of Pastors & Patriots: The Muhlenberg Family of Pennsylvania and co-author of Paint, Pattern & People: Furniture of Southeastern Pennsylvania, 1725-1850.

Benjamin Wollet is a PhD fellow in the Hagley Graduate Program in History at the University of Delaware. He studies the intersection of environment, transportation, industry, and public policy in the United States.

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