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These resources will help you to learn more about the history of disposability.

The Story of Stuff Project began with an online documentary about over-consumption and is now a community of activists who work on a variety of issues associated with consumption, waste and the environment.  The site includes resource for teachers.  The project also maintains a lively Facebook presence.

The Environmental Literacy Councils a non-profit educational organization that promotes scientific environmental studies.  The site compiles resources for teachers and students.

The Changing Culture of Disposability From sustainability blog, Make Wealth History.

History of Product Packaging Presented by the Hagley Museum and Library, Wilmington, DE.

Discard Studies A blog maintained by Max Liboiron exploring throwaway culture.

United States Environmental Protection Agency: Wastes A homepage for US federal solid waste management issues, with online PDFs of EPA reports dating back to its founding.

For more educational resources for small museums, visit Sustaining Places

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