“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”





Store Recycling via. Dakota Valley Recycling

On the bag itself, there has been a growing assortment of texts, symbols, and letters that explain different histories of the bag. Recently, there has been an addition of labels encourage the recyclability of the bag.


Plastic Bags in the Sun Via. Ethan Scott Barnett

On the far-left side of the bag below the major logs and encouragement of consumer culture appears the words “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” with three chasing arrows and a number 2 in the center. This logo is known all over the world and is obvious to those of the youngest of ages. It promotes a culture life-cycle thinking where people can consider an object not just for its intended purpose, but an expanded life that supposed to be productive for humans and the environment. There are also two other places where it says, “PLEASE RECYCLE THIS BAG.” in large black font across the center of the bag and lastly, there is a small plastic bag illustration with a double arrow in the center of the image and the words “RECYCLE PLASTIC BAGS” below it. Obviously, bag makers have started making significant efforts to remove the blame off of bag makers and corporations distributing them at checkout counters to place the responsibility of the consumer to recycle.


Plastic Bags in the Sun Via. Ethan Scott Barnett

At supermarkets were offered 2 to 3 bags per item especially in the bigger box stores like Walmart or Home Depot. What is it about the density of these bags it makes it so necessary that we need more than one how can we come back the nest the need to have more than one bag some supermarkets have gone with bags with liners at the bottom in order to prevent breakage to make them thinner in other places and denser where the seams connect.

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